Types of Project Excavators

Small or compact Excavators:

The micro-excavators are used for tiny spaces. It is uniquely designed for jobs where there is restricted access, and the area is at a premium. The minimum dig depth of the micro excavators is 6ft. Micro Excavators are perfect and ideal for landscaping projects, general building projects, and extension footings. Companies such as Scoop Hire offer these excavators on a rental basis, the micro-excavators are a popular hire choice as they can enter narrow spaces like the doorways and the gates. After going through the gateways, the machine can also be expanded to 860mm and stabilize. The small or compact Excavators are as follows:

  • Mini Excavators:

 The mini excavator is also called the compact Excavator. They are used for landscaping and grading purposes.

  • Kubota Micro Excavator:

Kubota micro excavators are short and narrow, can be driven easily. They are available at reasonable prices and suited for varied purposes. You can find more information on the Kubota range at https://www.scoophire.com.au

Bigger Excavators:

The fuel efficiency, power, and speed of the large excavators are more than that of the other excavators. The Excavators have the lengthy boom and the arm. When the task or the construction demands hard work, then large excavators are used. The large excavators help you do big jobs in much lesser time and less energy consumption. The large excavators are perfect for areas that are more difficult to reach. The long-reach excavators are used on those sites where it is not allowed to get too close to the construction site like in the demolition process. It is difficult to use the long-reach excavators in tight spaces. It has a range of 40 to 100 feet, and it is possible to use the Excavator on the site over 100 feet away horizontally. It is used in those areas which are hard to reach.

  • Long Reach Excavator:

Long reach Excavators are used on those construction sites, especially for demolition purposes. It is used in those areas which are hard to reach.

  • Dragline Excavator:

The dragline Excavator is used for the coal mining process. It has a large size and has an inflexible system. It can move on the ground, so it has steel shoes inside it with the help of which it can drag on the ground.

Medium Excavators:

As the name suggests, the midi excavators are mid-size and have large and mini excavators’ capabilities. The midi Excavators are used for digging and also lifting. It has a compact design, rubber tracks, and a minimum swing radius. The mid-size excavators are used for the building of roads, landscaping, and also bridges. It has 10,000 tons to 19,999 tons of operating weight. It is designed in such a way to manage it into more rigorous site work. It has fuel efficiency and can do higher excavation operations.

  • Suction Excavator:

  The suction Excavator is used for safely clearing cables and pipelines. Instead of using the other excavators, suction excavators are extremely safe to use without damaging your property.

  • Wheeled Excavator

Wheeled Excavators are commonly used in construction sites. The wheeled excavators are faster than the other excavators. It is commonly used on concrete.